Corporate Responsibility

The Shell Group's Commitment

Recruiting professionals to execute projects that improve quality of life shows only part of The Shell Group’s commitment to help build a better world. The other part takes shape in the hands and hearts of our employees; we volunteer time, donate funds and contribute in-kind gifts to support worthy causes in communities where we live and work.

Educational and Community Outreach

The Shell Group fundraises and donates time for programs that educate and inspire children and adults to improve their lives through the power of bikes.  These programs create value in developing positive attitudes towards a bike friendly community by:
  • Providing free and discounted refurbished bikes, helmets, locks and light-sets
  • Teaching teens STEM skills to “Earn-A-Bike” they’ve refurbished themselves
  • Educating adults in self performing bike maintenance and repair
  • Mentoring youth by providing supervised self service workshop and tools
  • Leading group social rides boosting support of local businesses
  • Promoting safe, courteous riding through individual instruction and group rides
  • Advocating for driver and bike safe streets
  • Coordinating weekly summer book delivery to children via bike
  • Guiding youth on bike-powered trips that expand their world view
  • Raising environmental impact and health awareness
  • Encouraging a spirit of teamwork and teaching a sense of family and community

Environmental Stewardship
Our clients include leading global A/E/C firms that provide professional services to better the environment. The Shell Group is committed to the same path towards a sustainable future and supports our clients’ initiatives by recruiting professionals in the areas of:

  • Renewable Energy (wind, solar, biomass, geothermal)
  • Sustainability Strategy & Management
  • Sustainable Building Design & Building Commissioning
  • Greenhouse Gas Management
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Site Management
  • Water & Wastewater Management

A shared commitment to a sustainable future is a defining value of The Shell Group. We also recognize that minimizing our own environmental impact is a good decision. The Shell Group is committed to achieving environmental sustainability across operations through its energy efficiency, conservation of resources, and pollution prevention. Internal practices that support our commitment to sustainability include:

  • Operating and delivering our services virtually, nearly eliminating business travel.
  • Running a “near paperless” office by utilizing email and electronic file storage to eliminate the printing of nonessential documents.
  • Performing regular assessments to ensure our office continues to work to conserve resources and use renewables, prevent waste and encourage recycling, and support community organizations.
  • Commitment to conducting a comprehensive analysis in order to identify more short-term and long-term sustainability and energy efficiency conservation measures to reduce our carbon footprints..

Community Support
The Shell Group and our employees support and participate in many community activities including:

  • Holiday donations
  • Support for victims of domestic violence
  • Volunteer activities for environmental stewardship
  • Food drives and donations to shelters
  • Support for schools and athletic programs
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